Mannatech – Just do it!

Why? You ask me. Well, let me tell my story.

About 2 years ago my darling husband came home with this hair brained idea – we should spend R5500 (that’s a lot of money for middle class South African’s) on these health products and try our hand at network marketing the same time.

At that time I was still baking couture cakes full time for a living (yes I will post pictures) and did not give it any attention. But, being a loving, supportive wife (as if), I told him if HE was willing to do it, “Go for it.” At this point I should probably clarify that it was more a dare than permission.

So about 4 days later this box of products arrived at our house and as he should have guessed (knowing me for more than 20 years) I gave it NO attention. This R5500 investment in my? health, sat there on the shelf for four months. Shameful, I know, the poor man had my best interest at heart after all.

At this point I developed chronic ear infection and was at the lowest point of resistance. So said man took advantage and had our upline phone me to explain how these products can help me. By the way, I had NO idea who she was or why she was phoning me – intro darling husband.

Then I made a deal with this husband of mine. “Is this medicine?” I asked. “No” came the answer, “it’s food”. Genius that I am, this was the deal – “For every tablet you put into YOUR mouth, I will take one too”. I must say he didn’t see this coming and had no choice but to comply.

Skip one month – now he tells the story where I was seriously ill, I do not agree. Yes I had issues – who doesn’t? But seriously ill? No. However, I did see immediate improvement in my health.

You know that nasty first two days of every month, you know the ones I’m talking about, suddenly it wasn’t nasty any more.

Next thing was the acid reflux – now my very brave doctor told me I would get better if I lost weight (very brave). Funny thing, this too got better WITHOUT me losing weight!

BUT the thing that impressed me the most till this day, is the improvement in my skin. At age 40+ (we won’t go into specifics) I looked like a teenager. I kid you not – two weeks after I started using the facial cleanser, my skin cleared up – for the first time ever. And believe me, I tried everything else and NOTHING worked.

Yes, we did start doing the whole network marketing thing as well, and yes, it is totally worth it. But I will save that story for a later post.

PS – if you want to know what products I used, go to the ‘Contact Us’ page, and some-one will get back to you.

Trudie Swanepoel