Today's post will be short and sweet.  A while ago I wrote about a sadness that folded around me like a blanket when I found out that a friend has cancer. Today I am over-joyed! I just received the news that she is clean. No, not in remission, clean. The doctors can't find a trace… Continue reading JOY

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Of Curls and Things

Soooooooooooo (yes, this is a long so, not a short and snappy so), after IVF treatment in 2008 (that's a post for another time), my straight as can be hair started curling. Yes, curling. Being a straight hair since birth girl, I didn't have a clue what to do with these kinks, waves and curls… Continue reading Of Curls and Things


What beautiful nails you have …

On Sunday my darling husband decided that the weather was far to good to spend the day indoors. But knowing me (I'm an outdoor market kind of girl, not a fishing, hiking, doing anything that looks like getting dirty kind of girl), he took me to our local Art in the Park. There we found… Continue reading What beautiful nails you have …

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Going Bare

Whoa! I see soooo many pictures and videos of girls (and women) who are totally unrecognizable after applying their make up. What's up with that???? I feel sorry for the guys dating them. They will have a total shocker the day they see their date/girlfriend without make up. I mean, who is this women and… Continue reading Going Bare