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Do you have 20/20 Vision?

It is the year 2020. And I keep hearing - this will be MY year. From every-one. Some even tell ME that it will be MY year (not their's). But how. 2019 was not my year. Neither was 2018. Or 2017. So what makes 2020 so special? Why will it be MY year (and your's,… Continue reading Do you have 20/20 Vision?


The difference between Riches and Wealth

What are the difference between being rich and being wealthy? Every body wants to be rich – that’s rich.  Being rich is simple.  All you need is money.  The more you have  - the richer you are.  Steal, rob , forge, scam, swindle, work.  All ways to become rich.  Few of these paths are admirable. … Continue reading The difference between Riches and Wealth


The Books I Never Read = The Lessons I Never Learned.

I became learning impaired the week after graduation. Mentally constrained – learning impaired.  Intelligent but DUMB. No, not due to an accident or illness. Even worse, dumb by choice. I believed that I had arrived and I knew it all. No one could teach me a thing. But life is strange that way. I had to learn… Continue reading The Books I Never Read = The Lessons I Never Learned.


Seize the moment

I’m wandering through dark woods, wondering where I should be, I wonder and wonder… I’m wondering what to do, what to choose, what’s next… ? Then I heard a voice saying:  STOP!!!! The voice came from inside me… Stop wondering and start living; Stop worrying and start believing; Stop wishing and start doing. For years… Continue reading Seize the moment


A Work in Progress

On Tuesday we had breakfast with the fabulous Kerry Manning Colson from Fabuliciousfifty and she asked two questions that really had me thinking. What is your Value? What is your Word of the Year? Everyone had these amazing answers! Truth. Being real. Everyone except me. There I sat, at a loss for an answer. So eventually,… Continue reading A Work in Progress