Buttercream or Ice Cream?

Give credit where credit is due ... I got my amazing buttercream recipe from a lady in London. Shikita Singh. I took a few classes from her - Fair Cake - back when we were still living in London. That's how The Sugar Fairy came to be. Being diagnosed with depression and anxiety was no… Continue reading Buttercream or Ice Cream?


Will you be my Sweetie Pie?

1. We all know this one. Melt in your mouth marshmallow, covered with chocolate ... and a very messy face once you've bitten into it! I never know how to approach this thing! 2. Who have bought this 'gadget'? It promises the most amazing cake pops. But all that it delivers is the most dry… Continue reading Will you be my Sweetie Pie?

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Going Bare

Whoa! I see soooo many pictures and videos of girls (and women) who are totally unrecognizable after applying their make up. What's up with that???? I feel sorry for the guys dating them. They will have a total shocker the day they see their date/girlfriend without make up. I mean, who is this women and… Continue reading Going Bare