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You know that noise in the background, which your mind blocks out… The flickering lights which you don’t even notice… The washing machine singing it’s finishing tone… The unexpected stop at the shop… It makes my head spin. I am only six and a bit different than you. I am AUTISTIC. My brain is struggling… Continue reading I am AUTISTIC


Seize the moment

I’m wandering through dark woods, wondering where I should be, I wonder and wonder… I’m wondering what to do, what to choose, what’s next… ? Then I heard a voice saying:  STOP!!!! The voice came from inside me… Stop wondering and start living; Stop worrying and start believing; Stop wishing and start doing. For years… Continue reading Seize the moment


A Work in Progress

On Tuesday we had breakfast with the fabulous Kerry Manning Colson from Fabuliciousfifty and she asked two questions that really had me thinking. What is your Value? What is your Word of the Year? Everyone had these amazing answers! Truth. Being real. Everyone except me. There I sat, at a loss for an answer. So eventually,… Continue reading A Work in Progress

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‘Dear teaching, it’s not me, it’s you’

Dear teaching career, It’s over. After 32 years I’ve decided to leave. It’s not me or the children. It’s you. When we began our relationship in 1986, you gave me the freedom to choose what I taught and when I taught it. I loved that creativity and flexibility. After working hard on the “basics” in… Continue reading ‘Dear teaching, it’s not me, it’s you’


Get up, Step up and Reach up!!!

I'm holding her tight, feeling her heartbeat and hearing her breathe. My three year old daughter is not feeling well... She started with a fever earlier and vomited tonight. I'm holding her tight as she is now sleeping calmly on my chest. Since I realized she isn't well, I started feeling emotional, okay, I'm always… Continue reading Get up, Step up and Reach up!!!