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Virtual Entertaining

We have a new normal. Social distancing is a thing. I hate it. To quote Ariel:  And I'm not even a people person! So I don't want to know how the extroverts feel 😦 What I DO love, is entertaining. I love planning a menu, designing a beautiful invitation, planning my colour scheme. Inviting friends… Continue reading Virtual Entertaining

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This is ME!

John Legend says 'I love your curves and all your edges All your perfect imperfections' 2020 is the year that I will do the same. For ME. I will start loving all my curves and all my edges, all my perfect imperfections.  For years I've been too skinny, too short, too young, too fat, too… Continue reading This is ME!

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‘Dear teaching, it’s not me, it’s you’

Dear teaching career, It’s over. After 32 years I’ve decided to leave. It’s not me or the children. It’s you. When we began our relationship in 1986, you gave me the freedom to choose what I taught and when I taught it. I loved that creativity and flexibility. After working hard on the “basics” in… Continue reading ‘Dear teaching, it’s not me, it’s you’


Get up, Step up and Reach up!!!

I'm holding her tight, feeling her heartbeat and hearing her breathe. My three year old daughter is not feeling well... She started with a fever earlier and vomited tonight. I'm holding her tight as she is now sleeping calmly on my chest. Since I realized she isn't well, I started feeling emotional, okay, I'm always… Continue reading Get up, Step up and Reach up!!!