Putting the ‘stick’ in Lipstick

It's early morning. You are getting ready to leave home. The last thing you apply, is lipstick. It's teatime. You have your cup of whatever tickles your fancy. Look in the mirror. Lipstick still there, but faded. Lunchtime. Lipstick went home ... Sounds familiar? Now I am not a beautician, nor an expert. This is… Continue reading Putting the ‘stick’ in Lipstick


Eye-Liner: Love it or Hate it?

I LOVE eye-liner. Now. But this is a recent love affair. Up to a few months ago, it was a love/hate relationship. I loved the look, but the execution was never quite what I had hoped for. You know the story. Apply eye shadow as eye liner, because you can't draw a straight line to… Continue reading Eye-Liner: Love it or Hate it?

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Going Bare

Whoa! I see soooo many pictures and videos of girls (and women) who are totally unrecognizable after applying their make up. What's up with that???? I feel sorry for the guys dating them. They will have a total shocker the day they see their date/girlfriend without make up. I mean, who is this women and… Continue reading Going Bare