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Do you have 20/20 Vision?

It is the year 2020. And I keep hearing - this will be MY year. From every-one. Some even tell ME that it will be MY year (not their's). But how. 2019 was not my year. Neither was 2018. Or 2017. So what makes 2020 so special? Why will it be MY year (and your's,… Continue reading Do you have 20/20 Vision?


A Study in Procrastination …

A friend said a while ago - 'I'm so good at it, I put the pro in procrastination'. He could just as well have been talking about me. As I'm sitting here, I'm supposed to be baking. But I've just spent an hour playing PC games. I mean, if I HAVE to procrastinate, why not… Continue reading A Study in Procrastination …


No Negativity Challenge

Last weekend I attended our Network's Super Regional. Friday evening was just for the leaders in the business. What an amazing evening! Our Platinum Presidential challenged us. Three months with NO negativity. Why? Because there are power in our thoughts and our spoken words! This is what she said: Every time you open your mouth,… Continue reading No Negativity Challenge