Red Velvet – Trick or Treat?

A red velvet cake can be a wonderful thing or the biggest frustration you have ever had! Ever tried baking one? Ever tried that very same recipe again and the outcome is completely different? Welcome to Red Velvet Cake! After much trial and error, myself and a 'sister in baking' have decided that essentially a… Continue reading Red Velvet – Trick or Treat?


Holiday Fun with The Sugar Fairy …

Today I'm teaching a cupcake class to mom's and children. Why? Because I can ☺☺☺ How does that work you ask? Well, since I am a retired teacher, the teaching part comes sort of naturally - but this is fun - not academics! So I've got the kitchen all set up ... Every 'couple' get… Continue reading Holiday Fun with The Sugar Fairy …


Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cupcake

Ever wondered how to make mouth watering cupcakes, that also look gorgeous? Today I feel like sharing (this is not always the case, especially when it comes to my business), but today I'm feeling generous. How on earth do you bake cupcakes that not only look good, but make your taste buds scream for more?… Continue reading Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cupcake