Red Velvet – Trick or Treat?

A red velvet cake can be a wonderful thing or the biggest frustration you have ever had! Ever tried baking one? Ever tried that very same recipe again and the outcome is completely different? Welcome to Red Velvet Cake! After much trial and error, myself and a 'sister in baking' have decided that essentially a… Continue reading Red Velvet – Trick or Treat?

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Of Curls and Things

Soooooooooooo (yes, this is a long so, not a short and snappy so), after IVF treatment in 2008 (that's a post for another time), my straight as can be hair started curling. Yes, curling. Being a straight hair since birth girl, I didn't have a clue what to do with these kinks, waves and curls… Continue reading Of Curls and Things


What beautiful nails you have …

On Sunday my darling husband decided that the weather was far to good to spend the day indoors. But knowing me (I'm an outdoor market kind of girl, not a fishing, hiking, doing anything that looks like getting dirty kind of girl), he took me to our local Art in the Park. There we found… Continue reading What beautiful nails you have …

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Going Bare

Whoa! I see soooo many pictures and videos of girls (and women) who are totally unrecognizable after applying their make up. What's up with that???? I feel sorry for the guys dating them. They will have a total shocker the day they see their date/girlfriend without make up. I mean, who is this women and… Continue reading Going Bare

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You know that noise in the background, which your mind blocks out… The flickering lights which you don’t even notice… The washing machine singing it’s finishing tone… The unexpected stop at the shop… It makes my head spin. I am only six and a bit different than you. I am AUTISTIC. My brain is struggling… Continue reading I am AUTISTIC


Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cupcake

Ever wondered how to make mouth watering cupcakes, that also look gorgeous? Today I feel like sharing (this is not always the case, especially when it comes to my business), but today I'm feeling generous. How on earth do you bake cupcakes that not only look good, but make your taste buds scream for more?… Continue reading Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cupcake