About us


Who Am I?

That is a great question!!

Husband – happily married now for 21 years

Teacher – I can’t help myself.  I want to help people.

Businessman – my new passion.  There is a whole mystical world I never new about.

Thinker – Love to think about different topics, ideas and opinions.

Dreamer – the day you stop dreaming is the day your soul dies.

Lets start at the beginning.  I was born in South Africa, Klerksdorp 1972.  Not that I have any recollection of that event.  As long as I can remember I just existed…

Went to school  – passed.  Went to college – loved it. Passed.

Met Trudie – Fell in love.  Love her. Married her.

We have no human children. Only 2 four legged ones.

Love my 4×4

Love Mannatech

Love talking to people – sharing stories of how Mannatech transforms lives…

I am Fanie



O boy, here goes …

My name is Trudie and I’m part of the blog team (the very reluctant part I might add). I’m actually just supposed to handle the admin on our site (I hope you think it is as beautiful as we think it is). But as these things inevitably always turns out, here I am, writing about myself.

So …

I am a qualified teacher, who used to work in the UK, but now lives in a small countryside town in South Africa. And loving it!

Middle 2011 I hung up my teaching boots and started baking full time. However, since then a lot has changed. I am now part of an amazing network marketing company, working with an awesome team.

You’ll be hearing from me in the healthy living section of our blog – mostly sharing tips and recipes, hopefully inspiring you (and my partners) to enjoy cooking.


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