Putting the ‘stick’ in Lipstick

It’s early morning. You are getting ready to leave home. The last thing you apply, is lipstick.


It’s teatime. You have your cup of whatever tickles your fancy. Look in the mirror. Lipstick still there, but faded.


Lunchtime. Lipstick went home …


Sounds familiar?

Now I am not a beautician, nor an expert. This is just what I do to ‘Put the ‘stick’ in lipstick.

Step 1:

Apply lip-ice. Cracked lips are not attractive. Full stop.


Step 2:

Apply foundation over lips. At this point I will ‘dab’ excess lip-ice off, otherwise my lipstick WILL ‘run’. The foundation sets the lip liner – making it last longer.

images (5)

Step 3:

Use lip liner. Always. Why? It will prevent your lipstick from ‘bleeding’.

images (2)

And over your whole lip, not just the outline – colour it in like you are back in Grade 1! Why? When your lipstick starts to fade, and it will, you won’t look like this.


Not a good look, not even in the early 2000’s when women thought it was ‘just it’. Colour the whole lip. Please!

Step 4:

Now you apply your lipstick. One even coat should do. Most days however I do at least two – why? Because I like to create my own colours by mixing more than one.


You can finish off with a lip gloss – but this will definitely be one of the reasons your lipstick does not last the whole day.


And there you have it – my 4 steps to lipstick that lasts the whole day.

Please let me know what you do …


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