Mind, Soul

Virtual Entertaining

We have a new normal. Social distancing is a thing. I hate it.

To quote Ariel: 


And I’m not even a people person! So I don’t want to know how the extroverts feel 😦

What I DO love, is entertaining. I love planning a menu, designing a beautiful invitation, planning my colour scheme. Inviting friends over. Cooking lovely food.




BUT! I will not let this get the better of me. So this Saturday, I’m hosting my very first ‘virtual dinner party’.

“How does that work?” you ask me. 

Let me tell you ….

1. I am only inviting friends who live in the same town (sorry guys if you live far). I still made a beautiful invitation and sent it via What’s App.

You are invited (1)

2. I am making all the food, like I normally would, but this time they need to collect it from my house, all beautifully packaged.


3. I will give them the napkins as well, they need to set their own table.


4. At the appointed time, we will all go onto Zoom – and start our dinner party.


It won’t be the same, but it is better than NOTHING!!!


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