Eye-Liner: Love it or Hate it?

I LOVE eye-liner. Now. But this is a recent love affair.

Up to a few months ago, it was a love/hate relationship. I loved the look, but the execution was never quite what I had hoped for.


You know the story. Apply eye shadow as eye liner, because you can’t draw a straight line to save your life – especially on your eye! Or you only use a pencil. But the line is never as crisp as you want it. And by 12 o’clock it is completely gone. As if you never applied it in the first place.


And don’t let me get started on liquid eye-liner. What a nightmare! Option 1: It ends in your eye and burns like nothing else could. Option 2: You smudge it applying it – now it is all over your face. Option 3: You finally managed to apply it. By midday it has vanished. Completely!

Anyone familiar with this?

BUT I still loved eye-liner. There is no question in my mind about it. You HAVE to wear eye-liner. This is just my opinion. Let me show you why.


But back to me falling completely in love with eye-liner.

So what changed, you ask?

Let’s start with a visit to my local convenient store. While paying I notice the cashier’s eyelashes. Obviously false, but gorgeous. Yet another thing I cannot get to stick! So this being my local, and everyone knowing everyone else (small town, remember) – I ask her.

‘What’s the secret? How do you get it to stick?’

I could have kicked myself when I heard the answer. It’s so obvious, how did I miss it for soooo long?

Here comes the answer that rocked my world. I immediately applied it to eyeliner, as the connection was so obvious.

But first, let me ask you – ‘What is the first step in applying your makeup?’

Here’s where my mind was blown. Before you do ANYTHING else – you apply your eyeliner.

Yes – first. BEFORE your moisturizer!

The moisturizer is the reason it won’t last!

Here’s my fool-proof eye liner application tips:

Step 1:

Apply pencil liner on completely clean face – no moisturizer, no foundation, no nothing!


Step 2:

Now apply your liquid eye-liner over the pencil line. This way I have yet to make a mistake. My line is perfect every time. No more smudging. No more ending in my eyes. It’s as if this just boosts my confidence and I do it perfect, every time. The pencil line will help the liquid eye-liner not to ‘run’ into your eyes. It also gives it something to ‘stick’ to.


Step 3:

Very important: if you want your eye-liner to last the whole day, apply a second coat of the liquid eye-liner.


That’s it. Now go ahead and apply your moisturizer, foundation, etc.

I have yet to have a day where my eye-liner is gone by – no, not midday – bedtime!

So what are you waiting for? Start your own love affair today!




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