Mind, Soul

This is ME!

John Legend says

‘I love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections’

2020 is the year that I will do the same. For ME.

I will start loving all my curves and all my edges, all my perfect imperfections. 

For years I’ve been too skinny, too short, too young, too fat, too old, too grey, too impatient, too ME! Sometimes it was other people’s opinions, most of the time my own.

But if I don’t love me, it is very hard for others to love me.

So this is my pledge:

I accept my gray hairs – it is a sign of getting older, which leads to being wiser.

I accept my curves – this does not mean I’m giving up on losing weight, it means I will stop the unhealthy obsession about it.

I accept that my curly hair will look differently every day. And will never look its best on days that I need it to, only on stay at home days. I will stop obsessing about the perfect products and the perfect methods. I will simply try my best. And that will be good enough.

I will stop my procrastinating that leads to frustration and fights.

I will accept myself for who I am. 

I love my curves and all my edges
All my perfect imperfections

I hope you do the same.



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