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Do you have 20/20 Vision?

It is the year 2020. And I keep hearing – this will be MY year. From every-one. Some even tell ME that it will be MY year (not their’s).

But how.

2019 was not my year. Neither was 2018. Or 2017.

So what makes 2020 so special? Why will it be MY year (and your’s, if you want it)?


Knowing your WHY



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What is vision and why is it important? Vision is knowing your core values – the things that are most important to YOU and acting in such a way that it becomes part of your reality. Developing a Vision board will help a lot with this. Something visual to remind you what you stand for.

What do you stand for? Fanie stands for freedom through education. Me? I want to      teach people how to make their world better – their physical world. We need to leave people and places better than where we found them. Making it a place they want to come home to. Yes – it’s all about the pretty. It sounds really shallow, but if your physical environment is nice, even a horrible day feels better when you step into it.

Knowing your WHY.

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What is YOUR why? Your reason for getting out of bed in the morning and putting in the hard hours? This is your dream. What are you dreaming about? Where do you want to be by the end of 2020? In five years time? In ten years time? What do you want to achieve?

By the end of 2020 I want to be a size 10. I will need to start exercising, and eat right. If I really want it bad enough, I will see it through. I have found a picture of what I would like to look like. This is going on the mirror in my bedroom. I need to see it every day, to remind myself why I am doing the things that I will have to do to achieve this goal.



This is the stuff that you are made of. Will you quit at the first hurdle? Will the first ‘no’ stop you in your tracks? Or will you see it through? Do you want it bad enough to take the hits? Will you carry on when it gets hard? This is stickability.

We’ve had a bad 2019 business wise. But we stuck it out. We are seeing it through. We will not give up – ever. Because our stickability is 100%. What is yours? 

So what makes 2020 so special? Why will it be MY year (and your’s, if you want it)?


Knowing your WHY


If you know what you stand for. You know why you are doing it. And nothing will make you quit – THEN 2020 will be your year.


Please share your dreams with us.


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