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Being Pig-Headed

I know, I know, you all thought I have disappeared off the face of the earth. Lost the address to my own blog. Forgot that I had people following the blog.

Not true, but unfortunately I have no good excuse for disappearing for so long. Other than the fact that I had nothing to write about. And I don’t believe in writing nonsense for the sake of having a post.

There, I’ve said it.

Now for my topic.

I can be VERY stubborn about certain things. Once I have made up my mind about something, it usually takes a lot to change it. A character flaw, I am aware. 

What was I so pig-headed about this time?

Oh, just a little thing called a ganglion cyst. And carpal tunnel syndrome.

The story starts mid 2017.

I’ve had ganglion’s before. In both wrists. About 18 years ago I had one removed from my right wrist. It never came back. I’ve had a few in my left wrist since then, but they have always gone away on their own.

Enter 2017. A ganglion starts appearing in my left wrist. But I don’t mind, because it doesn’t bother me. At all. Skip forward a few months.

January 2018. This thing got bigger gradually. I did not really notice. Until it started constricting the movement of my hand. Suddenly I could not sleep at night. If I did not keep my arm at an angle from my body, I would get pins and needles. Then the hand would go numb all the way up to the shoulder. Fun fact: this is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is caused by a ligament in your wrist pinching the central nerve in the palm of your hand. Not fun to get. At all.

So one evening while making fondant decorations for a cake, I realized that I would have to stop baking. It was simply becoming too painful.

Now as you might recall, we are part of a health company. We market supplements. At this point I get told by everyone in the company to take more supplements.

Yeah, right. As if a few supplements will solve this.

Being myself (yes, my pig-headed self) I opt for an operation. A double operation. To remove the ganglion and the nerve that it is pinching (the theory was that if the ganglion returns, it won’t pinch the nerve again) and also to fix the Carpal Tunnel.

So in May 2019, after waiting 5 months, I finally go for this operation. I must admit, I have a very high pain threshold, but this was painful. Very painful. Two weeks later I start getting occupational therapy. Again, VERY Painful.


This is what got removed. The drawing on the side is what the nerve looked like.

Skip a few months forward. I still can’t bake. I have very little strength in my hand and the mobility is not good either.

Skip another few months. March 2019, less than a year after the surgery. The ganglion is back. Bigger than before. Pinching a nerve (yes, pinching a different nerve, remember, the other one was ‘extracted’). Skip to May 2019. Carpal Tunnel is back. At this point I am almost in tears. I am NOT going for another operation. I am not getting another nerve extracted – how much feeling will I have left if this carries on????? I have to wear a brace when I drive, when I go the gym. If I’m going to carry anything remotely heavy.


These photos were taken on the 17th of June 2019

Finally I decide to listen. To learn. So we order the natural anti-inflammatory product that our own company makes (yes, I know. I should have done this a year and a half ago). 

I start taking it the 17th of June 2019.

The first thing I noticed was that the pain was gone. Within two weeks I could stop wearing the brace for driving and going to the gym.

Then I noticed that the ganglion was getting smaller and smaller. Within three weeks of taking it I started baking again.

Moral of the story? Listen when people who know more than you speak.

I could have saved myself a LOT of pain and two very ugly scars.

As I am typing this, I have NO pain. I don’t need a brace. I can sleep at night. I can BAKE!!!


These photo’s were taken 13th August 2019.

No ganglion.

No carpal tunnel.

The scaring is also almost gone!

Note the range of motion that I got back.

Yes, I will tell every-one who will listen (and a few that won’t) about this product.

Why? Because it works!!!






If you want to know where to find these products, follow this link


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