Fat Loss Journey Update

Yes I know, I have been quiet about this for a while.

Things have been going really well lately, but we all know Murphy, don’t we?

I have been eating extremely disciplined for a while but still no exercise. Then a dear friend decided to become my gym partner – what a blessing. Since she picks me up after dropping her son at school (that’s just above my house) I have NO excuse. This is going brilliantly by the way, nothing wrong there.

So I am finally honoring my commitment to exercise. Well done me.

You’d think hey?

But no, as soon as I added exercise to my life, my brain somehow decided that now is a good time for cravings. The one thing I wish I got from my mother I did not. That woman has self discipline! When she puts her mind to something, she is unstoppable!

Me? No. Craving? Why yes, thank you, I’ll have that. On my hips!! Forever!!!


Just when I thought I had this craving thing under control, yes, I did try. And fail, and tried again, and again, and again – you get the picture. I get visitors for two weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love having them here, it’s just that you can’t let your guests eat your diet food. And unfortunately I’m not the type to eat salad when everyone else is eating hot dogs!

So how is it going, you ask?

Not too bad, actually. Yes, I’m eating WAY too much junk food, but apparently the exercise is evening things out. My clothes still fit. In fact, some of it even better!

All in all? I’m happy with my progress. Next week I will be back to my healthy eating as well.


All thanks to a friend in need, who it turns out, IS a friend indeed!



(photo’s will follow soon)

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