Buttercream or Ice Cream?

Give credit where credit is due …

I got my amazing buttercream recipe from a lady in London. Shikita Singh. I took a few classes from her – Fair Cake – back when we were still living in London. That’s how The Sugar Fairy came to be.

Being diagnosed with depression and anxiety was no joke. But the upside to this was that I suddenly had time on my hands. My doctor gave my boss an ultimatum – I work part time, or she book me off for 6 months. My boss chose wisely. So started my part time teaching career. I taught Mondays to Wednesdays. Thursdays I decompressed. Fridays I shopped. Saturdays I stayed in bed.

This quickly became too much. I had to find something to fill some of my time with. Enter Shikita. I took a ‘How to bake the perfect cupcake‘ class and was instantly hooked. So much so that I eventually started teaching my own classes on Saturdays. This was the best medicine ever. I came of the meds and started feeling like myself again.

But enough about me.

Why am I sharing this recipe? Because one of my clients commented that my buttercream tasted more like a soft serve ice cream than buttercream. So here goes …


  • 500g Stork for baking (if you live in the UK, go for LURPAK – it is just too expensive to use in South Africa)
  • 1kg icing sugar (go for good quality, then you don’t have to sieve it)
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 1 tablespoon caramel essence


  • Beat the Stork (or butter) in an electric mixer until it changes colour (Yes, it does change colour. It goes from yellow to almost white.) TIP: this will take at least 5 minutes in a Kenwood, longer if you have a hand mixer. 
  • Add the icing sugar a little at a time (I chuck it all in, but I have a Kenwood mixer with a lid … without a lid – icing sugar cloud!)
  • Now add the milk and caramel essence
  • Mix everything by hand, making sure the Stork (or butter)  is fully incorporated with the icing sugar
  • Mix for at least 5 minutes on full speed


The Sugar Fairy



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