Will you be my Sweetie Pie?

1. We all know this one.

Melt in your mouth marshmallow, covered with chocolate … and a very messy face once you’ve bitten into it! I never know how to approach this thing!

2. Who have bought this ‘gadget’?


It promises the most amazing cake pops. But all that it delivers is the most dry piece of cake imaginable – and then you cover it with chocolate. A choke hazard if you ask me. I still prefer to make them by hand. Much more work, but oh so delicious. So all in all, a huge waste of money.


Or is it????

A year or so ago, I was introduced to ‘mini sweetie pies’. One bite, so no more mess. And did I forget to mention that this ‘huge waste of money’ now comes in very handy and that I suddenly wish I didn’t buy only one?

3. Let me educate you …

You will need the following:

  • As many of these moulds as you have or can borrow.
  • 2 identical heatproof bowls
  • a ‘chocolate pouring spoon’
  • a small unused paintbrush
  • something to cover your work-space with – I use baking paper or foil
  • an electric mixer with a whisk attachment (I LOVE my Kenwood)
  • LOTS of patience (the only drawback)


  • packet of mini Marie Biscuits (there’s about 30 per packet)
  • baking chocolate (one brick makes about 20 sweetie pies, YES, it is not a cheap sweet)
  • one batch Marshmallow Fluff (recipe to follow)
  • again – LOTS of patience, you don’t make these in 5 minutes


Now starts the fun …

1.Melt your chocolate, I use two identical stainless steel bowls.

  • I fill the first one about 1/3 with bowling water, then I rest the second one with the chocolate pieces in on top of that.
  • It takes about ten minutes for the chocolate to melt, I stir occasionally.
  • I’ve never had success with the microwave or a double boiler on the stove.
  • Another method is to use a hairdryer – but be warned – you can end up with chocolate EVERYWHERE!

2. Spray your mould with a non-stick spray. TIP: I spray under my extractor fan – that way no one chokes on the fumes. (Have I mentioned that I have a very clever husband?)

  • Slowly pour the melted chocolate into the moulds. (Please don’t use the part with the holes in:-0)
  • Use your small paintbrush to cover the sides. Now comes the part where you need patience.
  • Place your mould in the fridge, wait about 30 minutes for the chocolate to set. (If you are using more than one mould, you will find that the first one is set by the time you have finished the second one, saving time, because now it doesn’t need to go to the fridge.)


3. After about 30 minutes, take your mould  out of the fridge.

  • Use your small paintbrush to cover only the sides of the mould with a second layer of chocolate. This will make it strong enough to pop out without breaking. Patience now.
  • Place the mould back in the fridge for another 30 minutes.


Some people prefer this method. I find it very messy. Once the chocolate is melted and you cut that tip, it goes very fast.

4. Now you can make your Marshmallow Fluff.

You need:

  • 300g castor sugar
  • 200ml water
  • 20g Meringue mix (Actawhite where I live)
  • 1 t vanilla

Mix all ingredients together by hand. Then mix on high speed for 17 minutes. Your mixer bowl will start to get warm by minute 12, this is normal.

5. Take your mould/s out of the fridge.

  • I spoon my Marshmallow Fluff into a piping bag and pipe it into the chocolate mould.
  • Place a mini Marie on top of the Marshmallow Fluff.
  • You might have to re-heat your chocolate at this point.
  • Spoon melted chocolate over the mini Marie. Make sure it covers the whole biscuit and seals the mould.
  • Place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.


6. After about 30 minutes you can take them out of the fridge.

  • Turn your mould around and simply press them out with your fingers. (Don’t worry if the first batch breaks – they still taste the same.)
  • TIP: Don’t make them for the first time for a function – do a practice round to make sure how thick the chocolate should be. 


These are perfect, right?

 Let me show you the full photo …


Some of the batches, the chocolate did not temper properly, that’s why it looks ‘moldy’. It still tastes perfect though.

So unless it’s for a high tea – who cares 🙂

PS: Remember to cover your work-space before you start.

The Sugar Fairy

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