Who do YOU take advice from?

Poor bitches – what did I do wrong – I work so hard and yet I am poor. 

This was a Face book entry. 

I reacted by offering to mentor the person who clearly wanted to change their situation. My offer was met with disdain – I was rebuked by her friend for my audacity to offer help, a way out of her current financial situation. Her friend convinced her that they were better of being poor bitches together.

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We tend to listen to our parents, teachers and friends.  The question is – do they have what I want?  Do they really have all the answers?  Do their lives bear the fruit – the evidence – of their success?


For 40 years you work 40 hours a week (if you are lucky) – to retire on 40% of your income. That is if you can still work till you’re 65 – 70…

What is wrong with the 40-40-40 plan? 

First of all you are never in control of your life.

As an employee you are a modern slave and you don’t even know it!

Care to disagree?  

*Employees get told what they will get up to be at work.

* Employees get told when they can drink coffee, have lunch and when they can go home.  Employees never know if they can have Saturday off to see their child play sports.

*They must ask permission to take leave.

*If you get hurt or fall seriously ill – you will be replaced within days.

*Someone decides what your time – you life – is worth.

*To add insult to injury – you get to pay up to 40% TAX!

How is this not slavery – with your consent?


Then the question needs to be asked again:  Who do you take advice from?

I love Jeeps.  I seek internet forums for Jeep owners, Jeep enthusiasts.  I join 4×4 clubs and speak to owners of Jeeps. I ask questions, compare aftermarket modifications.  Discuss future upgrades and how to sort out reliability issues. Will I ever listen to a VW Golf owner’s opinion or take his advice about the setup and modification of my beloved Jeep?  NO!

I have a sister who has been divorced twice – will I ask her for marriage advice? NO!

I beg you to explain to me why we listen to poor people about business ideas.

Why do we take financial advice from poor people?

Why do they get to decide what is best for you?

Why do you take advice from people who do not have what you want?

I retired from the 40-40-40 plan at the age of 38.

I live the life I choose.

If you want to know what I did and how I did it – feel free to contact me directly.

Who do you want to take advice from? 



1 thought on “Who do YOU take advice from?”

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