No Negativity Challenge

Last weekend I attended our Network’s Super Regional. Friday evening was just for the leaders in the business. What an amazing evening!

Our Platinum Presidential challenged us. Three months with NO negativity.

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Why? Because there are power in our thoughts and our spoken words!

This is what she said:

Every time you open your mouth, consider what you are putting out there. If everything you say will come true … Do you WANT all the things you say to come true??? I don’t. So I have to count my words, carefully. 

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Stop and become present in the moment. Live purposefully. Don’t just let the days pass you by. Notice and enjoy the small things. Give thanks for it. Be there when someone is talking to you, put down the phone, or switch of the TV. People and our relationships are more important than things.


Replace your moaning with positive affirmations. Say it at least three times a day out load, preferably in front of a mirror. You will start at reading, but say it like you mean it and pretty soon you will understand the power of it. Then feel it, like it has already happened. This will shift you mentally into a better place.

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Replace your complaining with gratitude. Every time you start to complain about something, STOP and rather say thank you for something. Notice the small things. Have you said thank you for the sun that is shining today? For the birds that are singing outside? For that cup of coffee in your hand? When you start to focus on all the things in your life that you can be grateful for, you soon stop noticing the small irritations. Keep a gratitude journal.


Get yourself an accountability partner. Put an elastic band around your wrist. Every time you catch yourself thinking or speaking negatively, snap it. Then instantly replace that negative thought or word with gratitude. They say that if you do something for 23 days in a row, you have formed a new habit. So keep doing it, until gratitude and positivity becomes a habit. 


Think, talk and act like you are blessed – Because you are!


Will you take the challenge with me?




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