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To Mom, with Love

So Mother’s Day is nearly upon us.

For those of you who forgot, it’s the 12th of May …

I’m looking at this from (believe it or not) three perspectives.

One: I am not a mother.

Not by choice. I try to avoid the church services where they ‘celebrate Mother’s Day and every Mother gets a treat’, etc, etc. Not to be funny, but very view churches take into account that it is a painful reminder for some people. I also avoid the crowded shops where all women who enter MUST be a mother after all, so you get a key ring or chocolate or some other trinket. Ugggh. Just because I’m over 40 does not mean I have kids, comprehend????? On a side tangent, what’s with people in their 20’s and 30’s?!!! calling us ‘tannie’????? (Tannie means aunt – I’m not married to your uncle, so please, Trudie or Mam!!)

Two: I have a wonderful mother.

Therefore I cannot completely ignore the day. I do not however believe that you should make a fuss of Mother’s Day, unless you spoil your Mom with love and attention the whole year round. What is the point of gifts and meals and an hour or two of your time once a year???? Come on!! Every day should be a day where you let your Mom know that you love and appreciate her. Mother’s Day is just a chance to do a little something extra – not the only time you do something!!!

Three: I’m an entrepreneur

So I’m thinking, how can I make money out of everyone’s guilt trip (awful, I know). As The Sugar Fairy, normally I would bake up a storm. Sell cupcakes, cookies and cakes with messages on them by the truck load. This year, I’m thinking a bit outside my normal box. Below I’m posting a few of the ideas of things I’m going to make and sell. Things you can easily make yourself – remember – a handmade gift means that you put time and love into it (unless you buy it and pretend you made it yourself – awful, I know)

Happy shopping, creating, crafting and loving to you all. Please share your gift ideas as well.



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