The difference between Riches and Wealth

What are the difference between being rich and being wealthy?

Every body wants to be rich – that’s rich.  Being rich is simple.  All you need is money.  The more you have  – the richer you are.  Steal, rob , forge, scam, swindle, work.  All ways to become rich.  Few of these paths are admirable.  It is not sustainable nor honorable.

Being wealthy is a totally different kettle of fish.

To my opinion Wealth is a 3 fold concept.

Firstly you need to be healthy.  What does all you knowledge and earthly possessions mean if you are ill?  Nothing!!  Your first wealth must be your health!

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Secondly you need the wealth of the mind.  The mindset.

You need a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Where do we find a wealth of knowledge? 

Books – great wealth lies – hidden in plain sight –  between  the pages of the right books.

It took some authors up to 20 years of research in order to write their book.  We can read the book in a month.  Gain a life time’s wealth of knowledge with a month!!  You save 19 years and 11 months compared to the person who shared his experience by writhing the book.

Examples:  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon  Hill.

“ In every chapter of this book, mention has been made of the money making secret which has made fortunes for more than five hundred exceedingly wealthy men whom I carefully analyzed over a long period of years.”

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Finally:  the key to wealth lies within your spirit.  This is the hidden part of wealth.  This is the key , the difference between the rich and the wealthy!

Wealth of the spirit is the skill with peopleIt is the attitude of the heart.  The way you treat the people around you. 

To grow this wealth takes time.

Reading is the key to this wealth.

How to win friends and Influence people by Dale Carnegie is probably the most famous book on this topic.

The Greatest Salesmen in the World by OG Mandino is arguably the greatest book written in self development.


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