The Books I Never Read = The Lessons I Never Learned.

I became learning impaired the week after graduation.

Mentally constrained – learning impaired.  Intelligent but DUMB. No, not due to an accident or illness. Even worse, dumb by choice. I believed that I had arrived and I knew it all.

No one could teach me a thing.

But life is strange that way. I had to learn a few things.  Life forced me to learn a few things.  It taught me a lesson or two.

Firstly it taught me that life is hard – if you do not keep learning!  I wish I read the book The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a leader by John C Maxwell when it was given to me in 1996! I only read the book after retiring.

My teaching career could have been without so much pain and suffering.  I could have had a much greater impact on students and developed so many more leaders and not just learnersI had the keys – but never unlocked the door to success.

My teaching career was like that of a soldier of un-fortune – I went from war zone to war zone – battle to battle.  I argued with staff, the parents, management – all but the cleaning staff.  Not knowing that the battle came from within

Secondly,  Am I stupid or am I dumb?  by Neethling and Rutherford opened my eyes.  I knew I was not dumb, but I had all the stupid arguments After reading the book I found out that my low self esteem was the reason for my argumentative nature.  I had to be right – I will beat you silly until you admit that I am right.  Wrong – the world beat me till I got the message that I was wrong.

I had to learn to accept my short comings and embrace my uniqueness.  My life instantly improved.  I accepted that I’m a dyslexic and cannot spell.  I accepted that I cannot do Math.  Shortly after accepting those two God given handicaps – life improved!!

I realized that I can help students that no one else understands.  Suddenly I became a real teacher.  I became a Literacy and Intervention specialist.  Today I own and operate a Teaching Practice that specializes in Math.   My short comings became my teaching strengths.  Who knew…

Thirdly, soon after I read the book  The Millionaires Mind by Dr Thomas J Stanley I adjusted my decision making process to align it with the principles I read in the book.  It is a study of millionaires’ decisions making principles.  I read it at the age of 30.  I successfully retired at the ripe old age of 38.  How?

  1. I bought the properties according to their studies. I seek older houses in established neighborhoods – 3 bedrooms near great schools (no pools). They are easy to let out and very easy to sell on with a handsome profit.
  2. I buy older cars with cash.  
  3. I chase my passion and not a pay cheque. 

The moment I started doing that – schools started throwing money in my direction in order to secure my services.

Finally, there is no finally in learning! 



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