What is your Vision like?

I am a dreamer. A BIG dreamer. But I’m also a procrastinator … I have a (now curly) head full of wonderful ideas, but unfortunately most of it stays right there. In my head. Why? Because I need to learn to focus my mind and then my energy on my goals.

Goals yes, sometimes also pronounced ‘swear word’. We don’t like setting goals do we? Because once you’ve set those goals, you are expected (or expect from yourself) to actually reach them. And that requires action. Action is never easy. Never comfortable. And a comfort zone is such a comfortable place.

But you will never grow, never be more or have more than right now if you stay there. This is the catch. I want to be more than what I am right now. I want to grow as a person. To do this, I must leave my comfort zone. I want more from life than what I have right now. To have it, I must leave my comfort zone.

How do I do this?

To be more, I will have to read. Books that will develop me, but not just read it, apply what I read. I will have to spend more quality time with God. Yes, I’m a believer. This will help me be more.

To have more I will have to leave my comfort zone, step into the unknown and start networking. Not just ‘see more people’, but actual networking. Broaden my circle. Become a (sometimes) people person. (I’m an ambivert, enough said.)

As a professional procrastinator I need visual reminders to help me stay on track. So, tomorrow I will make a vision or dream board, to remind me – daily – why I need to keep making these changes. (Photos to follow when it is done.)

So what is my Vision like? Clear, crystal clear – now I need to step into action



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