What beautiful nails you have …

On Sunday my darling husband decided that the weather was far to good to spend the day indoors. But knowing me (I’m an outdoor market kind of girl, not a fishing, hiking, doing anything that looks like getting dirty kind of girl), he took me to our local Art in the Park.

There we found the usual – more of a car boot sale than anything else for the most part. Second hand bric-a-brac, someone selling plants, food trucks, a few people with original art (very nice and fairly priced by the way).

And then I saw her …

Now to understand my excitement, you have to know me. I am not a camper, I am a glamper! My idea of a wonderful camping holiday, is one where there is a spa nearby. My husband often refers to (any) spa as my home planet – yes, he did watch Legally Blond (1 & 2!).

So there, in the middle of these stalls that really didn’t blow my skirt up, I found Ilse.


Doing manicures. Outside. On a Sunday morning. VERY well priced.

Needless to say, I couldn’t resist …

This lady is SO friendly. She has all the time in the world for the client that is sitting in front of her. She answered ALL my husbands questions, and he had MANY! (He is very inquisitive.)

What makes her different? I have a very deep dislike for gel or acrylic nails. Personal experience has taught me that that is the way to seriously damage your natural nails (yes, I know some of you love it and will disagree with me).

Ilse uses a brand called China Glaze (amongst many others, that is what she used on my nails, respecting my dislike of gel). She has an amazing variety of brands and colours you can choose from (of course making it hard to choose and these are just the ones she takes with her to the market).

I had a ball of a time, getting treated and spoiled on the spot.

I was even brave enough to have some stamping done on my nails (my friend Sindy told me the other day that the time for boring nails that all look the same is over). Ilse really looked after me, using a silicone layer to protect my cuticles while applying the stamp.

She finished this look of with a top coat that promises to last for at least a week (remember, this is not gel).

Ilse, thank you from the bottom of my heart for my lovely nails! Still going chip and fade free after almost a week 🙂

If you are local to Port Elizabeth, do yourself a favour and go and visit her .


Much love



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