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Going Bare

Whoa! I see soooo many pictures and videos of girls (and women) who are totally unrecognizable after applying their make up. What’s up with that???? I feel sorry for the guys dating them. They will have a total shocker the day they see their date/girlfriend without make up.


I mean, who is this women and what did she do to my girlfriend? Really, I’m having a Shrek moment.

Princess Fiona [as ogre]  Donkey, shh, shh. It’s me… in this body.

Donkey [gasps]  Oh, my God, you ate the princess!

Now what I do understand, is if you have really bad skin – that, I understand covering up.


But imagine a world where your skin is so beautiful that you don’t have to cover it up at all… How on earth could this be possible? you ask while your face looks less than ideal. Let me tell you my secret.

A little over two years ago, I had terrible skin. I can now joke about it and say I looked like a teenager – no, not vibrant and full of energy – full of pimples. Adult acne. Believe you me, not nice at my age (or any age I would imagine). I had pimples that were so deep under the skin, it could not go away. Being me, I ended up breaking the skin with a needle and squeezing so hard that I permanently bruised the skin, just to get it out. I also had pigmentation problems, as well as dark circles under my eyes. Don’t believe me? Have a look.

And these were taken on a good day!

When I look back, I can hardly believe that was me. It took a two year journey, but I can now get away with wearing minimum foundation for my ‘Everyday Look’.

These were taken October last year. Yes, I did change my hair, and I’m a lot more in focus (you can follow my fat loss journey on the blog) – but look at that skin!

How did I do it? With a really simple skin routine, using products that actually deliver what they promise!

  1. Cleanse using the Uth Facial Cleanser, every day! NO other products comes near my skin.
  2. Once a week I use a scrub that I make myself.
  3. Once a week I use a mask that I make myself, using the Uth Emprizone Gel.
  4. Apply Uth Rejuvenation Créme, only on the problem areas, morning and night (by the way, I don’t even need this any more).
  5. Apply Uth Moisturizer, morning and night (I now use the Uth Firm cream as my moisturizer).

Simple, but oh so worth it! I can now dare to go bare for the first time in, I think, ever!




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