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Letting Go

My words of the year are ‘Letting Go’.

What do I need to let go of?

For starters, my comfort zone. And apparently I’m not alone. I just spoke to someone who lost his job and his words were “I think it’s time for something new, out of my comfort zone.” How do you do that???? A comfort zone is after all a very comfortable place! I’ll get back to this in a bit.

Something else I have to let go of, is my unrealistic ideas of what my ideal body looks like. I have to face that I am not 20 any more, so even if I loose all the weight I want to, I still won’t look the way I did when I was 20.

A big one is the fear that still lives inside of me after an armed robbery last year. I have to let go, I have to trust again – not foolishly, but definitely stop being paranoid. Trauma changes the way your brain works, and even though it was not a violent event, I find that I am very distrusting, especially in public. I am also suddenly slightly on edge when I’m alone at home after dark – something I never used to be. I have to find a way to let go …

Probably the biggest thing I have to let go of, is something I really love doing. Last year I had a ganglion removed from my wrist, as well as a carpal tunnel operation – on the same hand. Everything went well, I started baking again, but now the ganglion has returned. I have to rethink my career. I love baking specialty cakes, but this might be something that I have to let go of – doing it the way I used to anyway. I have to redefine who I am career wise. This is a big one. It means, just like my friend, that I will have to step out of my comfort zone of the last 10 years, and start doing something new. I know what my husband wants me to do … that doesn’t mean that I actually want to do it …

All of these come down to stepping out of my comfort zone and facing life head on.

If it’s network marketing (that’s my husbands solution), then I will have to embrace it, no holding back. If it’s something else, I will have to be brave enough to put myself out there …

So how do you leave your comfort zone? I will let you know when I find out.



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