Fabulous in Five

So I was challenged by my sister to do a make up tutorial that only takes five minutes, but still look as fabulous as the half hour routine. Apparently a lot of women do not have more than five minutes to ‘fif and faf’ in front of a mirror.

If this is you, read on. If not – read my full make up tutorial.

The question is: ‘What are the MUST do’s?’ The steps that you should never skip? Remember, this is only my humble opinion – feel free to differ from me.

Here goes:

Sunscreen and Moisturizer

NEVER leave the house without sunscreen. PLEASE I am working so hard to get rid of my pigmentation that was caused by not wearing sunscreen – learn from my mistakes! I know the Firm says body, but it is an amazing moisturizer.



If you want to look fabulous (and come on, who doesn’t) you have to wear foundation. I don’t care how marvelous your skin is – foundation makes a huge difference. You apply it with a sponge or brush – pat it on, do NOT rub it in! Remember to apply it all over, including your lips (this will help your lipstick to stay on for longer). Spray your brush or sponge with a fixing spray, and you will look fabulous the whole day 🙂 (If you are unsure how to apply your foundation, go and watch my video on The Aloe Child’s Facebook page)


You HAVE to define your eyebrows. Please also make sure they are neat (wax, tweezers, threading I don’t care how, just do it). I use an eyebrow kit that basically consists of dark eye shadow (a powder), you can use a pencil – just make sure it looks natural.

Eye Liner and Eye Shadow

I always wear eye liner, even on days when I don’t have time for eye shadow. Dark on the outside corners of the eye, white on the inside corners.  Today  I did apply eye shadow. A natural colour all over the eye lid. The light colour just on the bottom eyelid. The dark colour just in the outer corner.

I used a liquid eyeliner for the outer corners – you need a very steady hand for this. If you don’t have a steady enough hand, use eye shadow – keep it as close to the eyelid as possible. I always use brown, it is a much softer look than black. It takes a bit of extra time to apply the white as well, but it really opens up your eyes.


If you want your eyes to be ‘wow’, you have to wear mascara. Apply it as close to your eyelids as possible, making sure all eyelashes are covered, especially the corners. PLEASE don’t apply such thick layers that it makes clumps at the tips 😦

Lipstick and Lip liner

Personally I always use a lip liner (remember, skew mouth that needs fixing, it also helps to make your lipstick last longer). Last step is to apply lipstick. I like to wear a nude lipstick, then the focus is on my eyes, not my lips.

This took me seven minutes, if I skipped the eye shadow, it would have been five.

As you can see, the first photo is with no make up. The second photo is the seven minutes (sorry sis, I know it should have been five). The last photo is the full Monty, every trick I know applied – check out my make up tutorial for the steps 🙂

Please share your thoughts with me.



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