Seize the moment

I’m wandering through dark woods, wondering where I should be, I wonder and wonder…

I’m wondering what to do, what to choose, what’s next… ?

Then I heard a voice saying:  STOP!!!!

The voice came from inside me…

Stop wondering and start living;

Stop worrying and start believing;

Stop wishing and start doing.

For years I’ve been wondering what my purpose on earth is?  Why am I here?

I haven’t quite made sense of it all, but I stopped with all the wondering (and the wandering)… I started living.  I realized that by letting my life wander pass me, I will never find my purpose in life.

I decided to start doing what I love and being who I am.  It’s a long and sometimes scary journey but taking that first step is very rewarding.  It’s a journey never ending – a journey until I die, because I know my life has a bigger calling and I will follow that voice from inside.

I am now on a road of self-development, one where I am learning who I am and what I love.  I’m spreading my wings and taking flight, way above my comfort zone – it’s a roller-coaster ride but I’m loving it!!!

GO – stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself…

  • Are you worth just wandering around?
  • Do you know what your purpose on earth is?
  • Are you sincerely happy with who you are (or who people want you to be)?

Even if it is just taking a different route home or if you need to be alone – take that first step outside your comfort zone and seize the moment, enjoy the adventure and live life!!

Usually you find your purpose on the road least traveled and you might not even travel alone.  There are so many others living a fulfilling life whom you will meet if you just stop wandering… and start living!!!

Seize the moment… seize the day and find your own way.



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