Holiday Fun with The Sugar Fairy …

Today I’m teaching a cupcake class to mom’s and children. Why? Because I can ☺☺☺

How does that work you ask? Well, since I am a retired teacher, the teaching part comes sort of naturally – but this is fun – not academics!

So I’ve got the kitchen all set up …


Every ‘couple’ get their own recipes as well as all the ingredients and equipment they need set out. Nothing is measured out – they have to do that themselves.

This is usually a LOT of fun – especially since they have to work out for themselves how to make only a quarter of the recipe (that’s the teacher part kicking in, do a little math during the holiday).

So I ‘talked them through the recipe’ and they had to follow my instructions. The idea is that the kids do the measuring, and the mom’s are there to make sure everything doesn’t end up on the floor and handle the hot oven (as well as their children’s behaviour – I’m no fool).

This is what perfect cupcake batter looks like – lumpy.

Once the cupcakes are in the oven, I made the buttercream frosting while they watched and learned.


Now came the fun part. I demonstrated how to make The Sugar Fairy’s signature swirl and then they had to practice doing it themselves.

Sugar Fairies in training – I was so impressed with their skills!

Once they have perfected it, we started planning the design of their cupcakes (yes, yes, I know – too much like school).  Every couple got six cupcakes to take home (and a few to eat while they were working), so they had to decide on a theme and design for each of their six cupcakes.


The next step is to teach them how to work with fondant, making the decorations that they have already designed. This is usually the most fun – although, watching them licking out the bowls looked like a lot of fun too ☺

These girls are so creative! I just loved teaching them and we had such a relaxing afternoon!

The last step is to assemble the cupcakes ( and eat all the extras).

What a satisfying way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thank you ladies for your support!

The Sugar Fairy

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