Soul Food

What feeds your soul? What do you allow in your life that feeds your soul?

For me it’s music – music feeds my soul. Therefore I need to be really careful what I listen to. Music can put me into every mood imaginable. Listen to sad music, not too long and I am sad. Listen to trash – foul mood to follow. Crafting also feeds my soul. When I’m done typing, I’m going to start making a quilt. Making my home pretty feeds my soul. I love beautiful things. Just looking at my two four-footed children feeds my soul. Spending quality time with my husband feeds my soul.

Again I ask?

“What feeds YOUR soul?”

Something else that feeds my soul is books. We joined a network marketing company a bit more than two years ago. Our system is called the ‘Three Point Plan’. It (obviously) consists of three parts.


Activities and Leadership Development are things you do to grow your business and your team. Me – that is the part where you have to work on you.


We say, the things that will shape you the most, that will have the most influence on you, are:

  1. The books you read
  2. The CD’s you listen to
  3. The people you associate with

What feeds your soul?

The book I’m reading at the moment?

  • WITHOUT RIVAL by Lisa Bevere

Do yourself a favour and try to get a copy. What is it about you ask? All I will say is what is says on the front cover: ‘Embrace your identity and purpose in an age of confusion and comparison.’ Now find it and read it.

  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence by Marcus Warner/Jim Wilder
    • Wow! I have recently also attended a course a emotional intelligence and between the book and the course, I have so much to take in, to work on and develop if I want to be a leader in the home and for our team.

What feeds your soul?

What CD’s do I listen to?

I listen a lot to music – I LOVE ‘Illumination’ by Dan Gibson. I also listen to inspirational CD’s that we get through our business.

What feeds your soul?

Who do I associate with? A lot with the great people who joined our team. Family. A few good friends. Is that enough? Do I get soul food from them? NO, not enough. Therefore I need to start associating with people who will feed my soul – and feed it the right food.

Negativity needs to be banished. Feed Positivity – the one you feed the most, is the one that will thrive …

What feeds YOUR soul?

Talk to me in the comments 


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