Make Up Tips

Every time I dare go on YouTube to watch a tutorial, all I see are these super thin, super beautiful girls – yes, I won’t even call them women because they are so young (to me, remember, 40 something) who explain VERY enthusiastically what you can do to look more beautiful. Or what makes you ugly.

O dear, this is not helpful to someone who is my age, and not blessed with a super thin face and perfect skin.

So I decided to do my own ‘tutorial’ for everyday women, who look and feel like me.


So this is what I’ve got to work with.

Step one: Apply sunblock mixed with moisturizer. Ladies, even if you live in a place where there is not a lot of sunlight, or you work in an office all day – do the effort and use sunblock. I’ve spent wayyyyy too much money to try and get rid of my pigmentation – don’t make the same mistake I did.

Step two: Apply foundation. I LOVE HANNON’s full cover foundation. A little tip that I did get from one of those young girls – spray your foundation sponge with make up fixing spray.  I have been baffled by this for soooo long! You have to spray it from so far away if you don’t want your make up smudged, that my arms are never long enough!

TIP # 1: spray it on your foundation sponge, your make up will last the whole day!

TIP # 2: I got this from a beautiful black girl in a make up shop a while ago – wish I had her name so that I could give her the credit she deserves. Don’t rub your foundation into your skin. It will go into the pores and make it even more visible. Put foundation on your face with your fingers, without rubbing it in. Then press it with your sponge so it spreads evenly – this makes a HUGE difference!


Step three: Eyebrows! If you do nothing else, PLEASE do this! If your pain threshold is too low, or money is an issue and you can’t/won’t get microblading done, then you HAVE to ‘colour’ your eyebrows in. Use a pencil to determine where your eyebrows should start and end. Use your natural hair colour to decide what colour to use. My hair is naturally almost black, so I make mine quite dark.

Step four: Now I apply my eye-shadow. Yes, have a good laugh at the photos. Again, a tip from one of those young girls. If you cut a panty-liner, and stick it to your face, not only will it give you the perfect line where to stop with your eye-shadow, it will also prevent the eye-shadow from making a mess on your freshly foundationed face. I know it might seem wasteful to some people, but believe me, if you’re in a rush and can’t redo everything because your ‘smokey eyes’ are now smokey cheeks as well, it’s worth it.

So I use a neutral colour on the whole eye (I use my finger to apply it). Then the lightest of my two colour palette on the bottom lid. Next the dark colour just on the outsides of the eyes.

Step five: Next I use a white eyeliner to line just the inside corners of my eyes – top and bottom, and smudge it with my fingers afterwards – you don’t want white lines, just for it to be lighter. I use a dark brown liquid eyeliner on the top and bottom outside lids. Now only  do I apply my concealer, only to neaten up the area under my eyes – this also gets rid of the tackiness of the panty-liner ☺. Finish off with mascara. PLEASE don’t apply your mascara so thickly that it makes little ‘stars’ at the tips! Also, make sure it doesn’t touch your eyelids or cheeks when you blink and leave black marks. If it does, simply remove the marks with an earbud.


Step six: I use the same white eyeliner to line my lips. This blurs your lip line so that you can draw it perfect – I have a skew mouth, so I need all the tricks I can get to make it look straight. Again, I smudge it with my fingers and then use my lip liner to draw the perfect shape (hopefully). Now all that is left is to apply my lipstick and lip gloss.


Add some pressed powder (I have a really oily skin, so I like to set everything with powder), let the hair loose and I’m ready for my day.


Now this might sound like it took hours, but I do all of this in half an hour!

PS – The best part is, if I use the make up fixing spray on my sponge, I still look like this at 10 o’clock at night!


In conclusion: With a little bit of effort – really this is not much – I can transform myself, but still look like me – just the better version☺

I hope you’ve found some of this useful ☺



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